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Rachel Aziani Bio and Information

Rachel Aziani is a 5ft 5in Scorpio seductress who was born November 21, 1968 in Omaha, Nebraska. She later made her way to Arizona, attracted there by the warmer weather.

In 1999, busty Rachel began her own website. She was still a bit shy back then, but the exhibitionist within her slowly made its way out. She progressed from photos to videos and even added in toys. Later still, she began performing on-screen with her husband and films boy-girl scenes exclusively with him. She is particularly talented at giving blowjobs and monogamy has never looked as hot as Rachel Aziani presents it. She certainly knows how to keep her relationship exciting!

More than a model, Rachel is also a kind-hearted soul with a great compassion for animals. She does not have children, but does have rescued dogs who she considers her kids. One of her goals in life is to someday have her own sanctuary for abused and neglected critters.

Rachel grew up watching football with her family and still enjoys attending the games in person. She was raised with a love of outdoor activities as well and can often be found biking, hiking, boating and even riding her 4-wheeler.

A fun-loving optimist who has made a successful career for herself and is well known for her friendly demeanor and exquisite body, Rachel plans to stick around in the industry for quite some time to come.

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